7 Strangest and Most Unique CCTV Cameras But Quite Impressive

The 7 strangest and most unique CCTV cameras that we will present on this occasion are CCTV cameras which can be categorized as strange and unique because they are different and usually different. The peculiarity or uniqueness lies in his physicality which certainly stands out. Apart from the form, maybe the features that are owned are so different from the CCTV cameras in general. On the other hand, perhaps you also need to check out the best CCTV and Locksmith Dublin to ensure the quality of your security system locksmiths247.

The following are the ten cameras:

1. Cameras From Canon Products: Has advantages that can be used on the fingers, or what is meant to be used as a ring. Its size is so small that it’s like a camera used by detectives. Invisible but real.

2. Cameras that can be used as necklace accessories: When talking to a camera in the shape of a necklace who can think of it, this camera becomes a monitor for each of your activities without anyone knowing that you are carrying a camera.

3. CCTV cameras are shaped like screws: This camera is practically never tracked by anyone. The mini shape is very suitable to be placed in the corners of the house.

4. This One Shaped Fire Extinguisher Water Sprinkler: Who would have thought that the sprinkler is usually only to remove water when signs of fire or as a fire extinguisher. It turns out here that Sprinkler is a unique design for a surveillance or CCTV camera product. This product is stretched by Sony.

5. Mini DVK 808 Spy Cam: This very unique camera is shaped like a car key.

6. OneAudio DV-11 Alarm Clock Spy Cam: As the name implies, the shape of this CCTV camera is like the alarm clock or sitting time.

7. Button camera Black spy camera: The camera with the shape of the button on this shirt is very effective because of its very small size no one thinks that it is a camera.

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