How To Install Wallpaper

Even though it was out of date, the wallpaper appeared very significantly. Whether with ancient prints that are unique, modern minimalist patterns, or classic colors, wallpaper gives an accent to the walls and rooms. Don’t let lack of knowledge about wallpaper make you unable to use this classic material to change your home, ask help from cheap handyman singapore. As soon as possible, you will have a beautiful new room that can be exhibited to your friends and family handyman service in singapore.

By using a roller to paint the wall, stick the adhesive on the back of the wallpaper. Don’t make it too wet. It takes several times to give the adhesive to find the right amount. Make sure you glue it to the end so that the wallpaper section is taped. Apply the adhesive in the middle to the top of the paper first.

Finish sticking the adhesive. Take the top and fold about 45 cm so that you attach each section about 45 cm. Measure the end of the paper so you don’t have to hit the tip. Don’t fold the paper at the end of the fold. Brush and press the edges gently to attach both sides. Now, lift and pull the remaining parts onto the table – the folded part will hang at the end – and stick the rest of the other sheet.

Arrange the paper. Most wallpapers will develop due to the moisture of the adhesive. If you try to stick like this, you will find vertical bubbles that appear and cannot be evenly distributed.

Align the first lane. Attach the ladder, prepare a soft brush in the bag, and some paper. You can quickly identify which is the top because the lane will be shorter due to two folds. Open the short fold and align the right side of the paper and make a perpendicular line to make sure the top is on the ceiling, where you want it to be. Once you get the right line perpendicular to the right side. Take a brush and paper towel with the direction to the left and top.

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