Interaction And Grammar Are Important For Learning English

English, like other languages, is a tool used to communicate with fellow humans, especially new people. To be able to master a language well, you must enjoy meeting with new people then communicating. You can’t help but want to meet and communicate with them. The more you communicate with various new characters, the more knowledge you have. Also increasingly fluent in applying the theories that have been learned. On the other hand, try to take the a2 english test if you want to live legally with your husband or wife in the UK.

When meeting people on a bus, lining up at a lottery or park while waiting for friends or colleagues, meeting lots of people in hospitals, schools, and other public places, you should start smiling.

There must be times when your smile is unrequited. Don’t worry, from the one hundred smiles given to one hundred people, there must be 10 more who responded. So, start smiling at the new face.

Tips for learning English are very powerful, you know. In addition, a positive attitude will make it easier for you to get along and interact with new people. So that it will not be awkward again when starting a conversation with Caucasians or foreign tourists.

Grammar is often a lesson that is avoided and despised. Why? It’s because it’s hard and lots of memorization also rules plus exceptions.

For example, the use of articles “a” and “an” is based on the initial letters of the word, whether vowels or consonants. If the initial letter of the word is vocal, for example, the word Apple, then the article “an” is used to “an apple”. If the word begins with a consonant, like a word girl, then the article “a” is used to be “a girl”.

However, there are some words that do not follow these rules such as “a uniform”, “an homage” and a few other words. Well, if it’s not explored properly, this makes you give up quickly because you have to memorize it again.

Just remember, grammar is one part of all English material. Only one part, so don’t be too dizzy. In essence, it is there to help you communicate better. If you have complicated material thoughts, it will become increasingly difficult.

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