Phil Mickelson Winning Three Strokes At Pebble Beach

The finals are delayed and leaving two important holes, Phil is one step closer to an all-time record at Pebble Beach Pro-Am. That’s Mark O’Meara who is the only golfer with 5 titles between 1985-1997. Phil Mickelson currently only needs one additional title to match that record. During this time, Phil has won titles in 1998, 2005, 2007 and 2012. On the other hand, perhaps you need to try playing golf at the finest bangkok golf course.

The Phil vs Casey duel will take place around 8 am local time, this Monday.

“The finals are difficult, but are satisfied to see the score today,” Phil said, who had just broken the record with 500 CUT the day before. “I like this tournament and delays like this feel like luck. I still remember in 1998, feeling a long delay and finally winning here. Hopefully, this will happen again on Monday. “

Playoff opportunities

Winning three strokes is actually easy for Phil to win the title. However, Pebble Beach has its own uniqueness with its typical wind fund weather. No one can predict how nature will speak at Pebble Beach later. Including dropping Phil’s score down to 15-under, the score of Scott Stallings.

Stallings, who recorded 66 in the final round, became the owner of the lowest score at the end of the 72-hole. Stallings also admitted that he would not go home if there was a Playoff.

“The possibility of a Playoff is still possible and we decided to extend our stay here. My wife has repeatedly changed our flight 37 times today, “Stallings said.

Phil, who knew about it, was wary of those two crucial holes. In Phil and Casey’s scorecard, Phil was only able to reach two par on the 17-18 hole. Whereas Casey had birdie-birdies in the first round.

“The tournament is not finished and anything can happen. We play two difficult holes, “Phil said. “However, I have good and superior momentum with quite a comfort, three strokes. I will use this tomorrow. “

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