Product & Competition Research For Internet Marketing

In internet marketing, product research is the key. What is discussed in an online business is the desire of the market, not just your desire propellant media. So, if you sell a product that is trending and needs a lot of people, then chances are that you will get a big profit. For how to product research, the easiest way is to look at the large marketplace in some countries which products are the best sellers. Another way you can do product research is to use Google Trends. Meanwhile, if you wish for a more location-based online marketing, just try the recommended geofencing method.

Next, we explain how to research:

1. Try starting by opening Google Trends, and make sure you have logged into your Gmail account.

2. Then in the search box, try entering product keywords. For example, if you want to sell sneakers, then enter the keyword “sneakers” and press enter.

3. When finished, you will see a graph like the one below from the keyword “sneakers”.

4. Please observe the graph, if the search chart is stable, it means the product searches are stable every month, but if the search chart decreases, it is better to look for other products that are more potential to sell.

Competition Research

After the product is obtained, the next step is to do competition research in the market to find out who are the competitors that you will face later. From this research, you will get a picture of business opponents, so that you can at least compensate or win business competition. The easiest way to do business competition research is to look at the products you will sell in the marketplace.

For pricing, you can use the Leader Pricing system to determine prices lower than market prices with minimal profits so that consumers can move to the products you sell. This method can increase sales turnover, so you will get a big profit.

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