The FDA Warns Pet Owners About The Use Of Cannabis For Pets

The use of cannabis for human medication is one of the biggest controversies in many countries, especially in the USA. It’s because some other well-known countries have allowed the use of cannabis for medical purposes. This makes so many Americans demand the same right for them to use cannabis for themselves, but now they also wish to be able to use the effective cbd oil dogs for their pets. Although it’s still a controversy in that country, pet owners believe that cannabis extract may help them maintain the health of their dogs, as well as treating the chronic diseases on their pets, especially by the time their pets get older.

The US Food and Drug Administration or the FDA warns against giving marijuana products to pets. The FDA said its safety and efficacy were unknown and needed further research. The legal aspects of that matter are increasingly bleak. In December, the US Drug Enforcement Administration announced that all cannabis plant extracts included supervised ingredients, including everything made from hemp plants.

Veterinarians in the states of Oregon and Washington posted warnings about it on their site. A veterinarian at Olympia, Washington state capital, Lisa Parshley, said he was skeptical about marijuana products, not just for legal reasons. According to him, there are still many unknown scientific impacts. “I just feel like everyone is looking for a shortcut and using this material without a research process in the laboratory,” he said.

Lisa Parshley said, researchers need to prove claims about the efficacy of these drugs and explain, risks, and dosages, and how they are used appropriately. But entrepreneurs in the western US states that approve marijuana do not need to wait for clear regulations to meet consumer demand. Beginners of the marijuana business sell various marijuana products for pets, in the form of capsules, oils, butter, and tinctures (toys in alcoholic solutions) to toys that are chewed to please dogs.

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