The Myths About Fractures

If you can move it, it means it’s not broken! This is the first thing that people usually ask when you are in pain after your toes are very hard and suspicious if your bones are broken. “Can you move it? If yes, it means it’s not broken.” In fact, you can sometimes make a broken bone move, so it’s not the main sign to look at to find out if your bone is fractured. Go to chiropractor santa monica and ask some questions related while you are taking the treatment he or she provides Dr. Roy Nissim.

The first three signs that must be seen are swelling and an unnatural form. If the bone comes out 90 degrees or stands out on the skin, not surprisingly, that is not a good sign and maybe the bone is broken. Another sign is if you hear ‘no’ when an incident occurs.

Another myth that many people believe about fractures is that if broken, you will be very very sick. Not always! Many people have experienced it, after stumbling, then spend time skiing, walking, dancing, unaware that their bones are fractured. Often, fractured bones hurt very much, but if the crack is small, you might not realize it. When you realize that there is a fractured bone, it is important to get professional help immediately to ensure that the bone is in the right position and also properly supported while the healing process is to avoid infection or permanent form changes.

Another myth is that older white women are more prone to fractures due to osteoporosis. Let’s start with age. It is true that older women are more likely to suffer fractures than younger women. Hormonal changes at menopause can cause rapid bone fragility and cracks that are often seen in osteoporosis.

When discussing ethnicity, cases of white female hip fracture were twice as high as black women in the US. A number of factors could be the reason why the bones of black women are stronger, such as higher bone mass during childhood and lower bone renewal rates, which can cause a decrease in bone mineral density to be slower with age.

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