These Are The Things That You Shouldn’t Forget About TV Commercial

All products will certainly be seen by many people when the product is on television. It cannot be denied that there are many people who watch television and make the product visible to everyone. An interesting and unique television ad will be easy to remember and make many people interested in the product being sold. The theme of the ad that is easy to remember is also the key to the advertisement that can attract many people. The services of the promotional video company will help you in making quality and attractive television advertisements.

However, in making a television advertisement, there are some things that you cannot forget so that the ad has optimal quality. Some things you shouldn’t forget are

1. Limit the duration
The Knowledgestorm survey concluded that 2 minutes 30 seconds is the ideal length for a corporate video. Unfortunately, most company executives want to make a video longer than that because they think it’s necessary to tell everything about the company in the video. In fact, it is more difficult to make a short video, because more mature production planning is needed. In other words, it takes longer to be short.

2. Use visual language
Do you know? 80% of what we remember comes from what we see. Use pictures of employee activities, places and interesting things to tell your company.

3. Post your ad strategically
If you set a target audience for students, then you cannot place the ad at 9 am to lunch time. because, at this hour, students are in school and certainly can’t see your ad.

4. Have goals
Set the target for the corporate video that you will make from the start. Make sure the video has a clear message and is intended for a specific audience, so the audience always remembers the message you want to convey. So, before proceeding further, answer this question: “What are your goals for making this corporate video?”.

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