Types Of Air Conditioners

When hunting for the best AC, most people will consider the two main things, namely quality, and price. When you are looking for air conditioning, you will not only be faced with various brands. It is also important to consider aircon and refrigeration repair. At least there are 5 types of air conditioners on the market. Here are 5 of the most popular types of air conditioning that you need to know.

1. Window AC
You could say this is a type of old air conditioner and increasingly rare. This air conditioner generally has a box shape and is quite large when compared to today’s air conditioners. To install it is also quite difficult. You have to punch holes in a large enough size.

2. Split AC
These are the types of air conditioners that are now popular and commonly found in homes. This type of air conditioner has 2 main parts, namely a cooling unit placed indoors and a heat dissipation unit placed outdoors. Although both need to make a hole in the wall split AC does not need a hole the size of a window AC. That is why this type of air conditioner is so popular and is the best AC now.

3. AC Central
This type of air conditioner is commonly used in malls or offices. In a cooled room, the shape of the air conditioner is more like a funnel placed on the ceiling. However, in a separate room, there is a large engine that is the main engine and regulator of air circulation.

4. AC Tower
This AC is actually included in the ranks of split air conditioners. The difference lies in the larger size and location of the placement placed on the floor. The shape itself is like a cupboard. Maintenance is also fairly easy. For home use, this type of air conditioner is also worthy of being the best AC choice.

5. AC Cassette
This type of air conditioner has a technology similar to split AC. The difference is only in the shape and location of the placement mounted on the ceiling. This type of air conditioner is perfect for large rooms.

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