Use Silica Gel to look after your watch

In order for your watch to not condense, avoid movado watches for men from water, rain or even scorching heat. If it’s already condensed, immediately resolve it before finally damaging the inside of the watch for men. You can also rely on silica gel to dry the moisture trapped inside the watch. How to use it, prepare one or two packages of silica gel, place it in a jar that has a lid. Next enter the silica gel and movado watches for men into the jar, then close tightly. Leave it overnight, then see the results tomorrow.

If you have a hairdryer, use it to remove moisture from the watch. The trick set a hair dryer with the lowest heat level. Then, point to the watch, remember not to get too close, give a distance of at least 15 cm. Do this process until the dew in your watch dries. Although there are now gadgets to show time, still the role of watches cannot be shifted. Both men and women need wristwatch accessories to appear neater and elegant in public, especially by using branded watches and original watches.

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