What Is NYA Cable?

How to install a home electrical installation normally using HIS cable. This cable is most often used especially for residential types because the price is relatively quite cheap. In the installation, a cable of 1.5 mm2 is usually used and a cable measuring 2.5 mm2 is used. The characteristic of NYA cable is to have a single core, with a layer of insulation material in the form of PVC. In the meantime, you can visit whatsgoodtodo.co.uk to know about the best protection for cables.

The protective insulation layer generally consists of one layer, so that sometimes the insulation layer is easily damaged, mainly due to rat bites (rodent) and tends to not stand with water. Therefore, the use of this cable is recommended should be accompanied by the use of a conduit pipe in the installation, so that the insulation layer is not easily damaged as well as making the installation installer safer at work. The colors of the insulation material from this cable consists of 4 colors, namely red, yellow, blue and black.

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