You Must Know These Tips To Maintain Your Car During The Rainy Season

When you have washed and dried your car, let it be protected in the garage so it doesn’t get exposed to rain again. In addition, parking the car in the garage will help maintain the car, so that your car is not exposed to direct sunlight which will damage the layer of the car because in the rainy season, the air temperature will usually get higher than before. On the other hand, check out the extended car warranty if you wish to get excellent protection for your car.

Check the Car Component System

This checkup aims to keep the engine in the best condition. You can check from the suspension, wiper, ignition system and starter dynamo. 4 of these components are the components that are most vulnerable to having problems during the rainy season, maybe things that happen because of the entry of water into the component.

Protect Your Vehicle With Insurance

Well, you should understand this. One way that can be used to provide safe driving during the rainy season is to take an insurance program. You can expand the guarantee of your car’s protection by expanding collateral against flooding so that it can claim damage caused by inundation. Even though the car has been protected by the expansion of protection against flooding, you should still not hit the floods and not turn on the car when it’s submerged in water due to flood.

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